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The Twins

The Twins 1.1.0

"The Twins"は、上下のパドルを操作してボールを跳ね返し、すべてのブロックを破壊することが目的のゲームです。
1 PLAYERモード、または、2 PLAYERS COOP.モードで遊べます。

"The Twins" is a game to break all the blocks by moving the upper and lower paddles to ricochet the ball.
You can play the game in "1 PLAYER" mode or "2 PLAYERS COOP." mode.
And it is adapted to OpenFeint.

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system requirements

  • Compatible with iPad
    Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later


  • タイトル画面でゲームモードを選択します。
    1 PLAYERモードでは、下のパドルを操作します。上のパドルは自動的に下のパドルと左右対称に移動します。
    2 PLAYERS COOP.モードでは、上下のパドルをそれぞれプレイヤーが操作します。
    Choose game mode in the title screen.
    In "1 PLAYER" mode, you use the lower paddle, while the upper paddle moves automatically to the right and left in symmetry.
    In "2 PLAYERS COOP." mode, each player uses one of the two paddles.
    Also you can change the graphics (NORMAL or CLASSIC) or change the paddle move type (SYMMETRIC or PARALLEL).

  • ステージの上端または下端にすべてのボールをロストするとLEFTが1減り、0になるとゲーム・オーバーです。
    When all of the balls have been lost at the upper and lower edges of the stage, the "LEFT" count decreases, and it goes to zero, the game is over.
    Regular blocks break when hit once by the ball, hard blocks break when hit twice, and unbreakable locks can never be broken. Feature blocks produce special effects when they break.

  • フィーチャー・ブロックを破壊することで発動するフィーチャーは4種類です。
    There are four kinds of features produced when feature blocks break.

    The ball speeds up.

    The ball breaks up into two or three balls.

    A shadow appears and chases paddle movement. Up to two shadows appear, but they disappear after ten seconds.

    The stage rotates and the upper and lower edges reverse.

  • iPad本体を揺らすとボールの軌道を少し変えることができますが、代わりにパドルの長さが短くなります。
    You can shake the iPad to change the ball trajectory a little in exchange for paddle length.
    Do not shake too violently even if you are excited.

  • 画面右下に表示されている数値はスコア・レシオ(SCORE RATIO)です。
    The number displayed at the lower right of the screen is the "SCORE RATIO".
    The number increases x2, x4... when blocks break continuously, up to a maximum of x64, but it falls when a wall is hit continuously.
    Aim for a high score by maintaining a high "SCORE RATIO"!

不具合が発生した場合はiPhone OSのバージョンとともにfeedbackからお知らせください。
Please send me your feedback with your iPhone OS version.